2020-2030: The Decade of Decentralisation

2020-2030: The Decade of Decentralisation

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  •   September 16, 2021

It's time to start socially distancing ourselves from the government. We have been relying on the State to provide us with critical goods and services for decades. But there is evidence mounting that suggests they are unfit to deliver into the future. It would be beneficial to start decentralising your life, conducting trade in a more peer to peer fashion, without the involvement of government interventions. It's becoming clear that we can no longer rely on government to look after our best interests.

On the flip side, with these large problems comes a lot of opportunity to solve them and be rewarded handsomely for it.

Here are some important topics for you to ponder over for the next decade.


Bitcoin is the single most effective way an individual can remove government and trusted third parties meddling with their financial affairs. If you learn to accumulate it, hold it and conduct trade with it using best practices, you will find yourself (over the long term) in a healthier financial position. Don't gamble with other shitcoins trying to make a quick dollar, just stick to Bitcoin. Adopt the Bitcoin standard as your monetary policy of choice. Master the art of acquiring, saving and spending.


You may wish to take a good look at your property, stock portfolio, retirement accounts, savings and any other assets you may have. Consider ways you can restructure your wealth to not only maximise growth over the next decade, but whether it can serve you a secondary purpose. Can you use your existing wealth to better protect and secure your family? Could you use the wealth you have to purchase a larger property, in a more rural location? Decentralising from major cities has its pros and cons, weigh them up carefully and continue to assess your situation. Should you allocate more wealth into Bitcoin? Is being a landlord worthwhile? Continuously ask yourself questions, assess and take steps forward.


Gone are the days of relying on one single source of wages income. Large corporations are now simply an extension of the State. The government dictates the rules to be complied with. Corporations can turn off your tap in an instant, they can coerce you into doing something you're not comfortable with. Consider building a side hustle, working from home, offering services online and accepting payment in Bitcoin for it. Find a problem, bring a solution, ask for payment in Bitcoin. Decentralise your income as much as possible so you have options and can better weather storms. For example, instead of servicing one employer, consider servicing 5 customers. The mindset of 'employee' needs to change to 'contractor for hire'.

Health care

Health care can come with some incredibly tough decisions and depends on your jurisdiction. But no matter where you are, decisions can become a lot easier if you have wealth behind you. You need weigh up what is best for yourself, your parents and your children. Doctors are being silenced (or incentivised) and "science" is finding itself in a state of disrepute. It is important to consider access to health care and weigh up the pros and cons of the system you wish to use. Find a doctor with similar values to you and build long term relationships with them.

Food supply

In an uncertain world, you want to be certain of where you are going to get your next meal. Support local markets, purchase a big fridge/freezer, keep your fridge well stocked, grow some things yourself. Keep plenty of drinking water on hand. You'd think food will never be a problem, but on some rare occasions, life comes at you pretty fast. This topic really just depends on your levels of paranoia. Take what you will.


If you can earn money predominantly online (from anywhere in the world), you need to ask yourself, is your current jurisdiction the best for you? Rate the way you're being treated by your government. Maybe it's time to shop around. Even if you don't use it, it's always good as an insurance policy to have a back up plan ready to execute. However, you'll need to consider family, willingness, ability to move and employment status. Packing up and leaving your home country is not something you do every day, but assessments need to be made and trigger points established. For example, if a law comes in to effect that you are vehemently against, it's time to leave.

This option doesn't come cheap. New citizenships and passports come in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Consider things like tax pay back period, access to health care and quality of life in the new jurisdiction. Also consider which passports you might be eligible for based on your cultural heritage.


Education is now in abundance online. Unless you're aspiring for a specific occupation, you don't really need a degree from your accredited fiat institution. Their relevance is waning and education is becoming decentralised. Consider the alternative options. Anything you want to learn can be found freely on YouTube, or a cheap online course can get you the skills you want. Consider homeschooling or private tuition of children. Opt out of government issued education.

Security and defence

Unfortunately, confidence in government issued Police forces is waning considerably. People are slowly coming to the realisation that they exist to serve and protect the State, not the taxpayer who funds them.

Consider self defence training courses. Security cameras and alarm systems to protect your property. Hiring private security could also be considered. Weapon ownership and training to be looked at if your jurisdiction allows for it.

Digital infrastructure

This decade will start to see more and more activity conducted online. Your data shouldn't be kept with large corporations. It's time to decentralise yourself from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and other big tech companies that invade your privacy and sell it to the highest bidder.

Consider using open source software alternatives such as Nextcloud, Linux, CalyxOS, Bitwarden, the Fediverse and pfSense. Consider looking into a hosted VPN to route your traffic through.

Keeping your data safe from prying eyes should be considered a priority as more of your time (and your family's time) is spent online.


It's important to have back up sources of electricity. Consider backup generators, solar energy and gas cylinders. Keep your vehicle with a full tank of fuel. Try to make the property you live on as self sufficient as possible. Consider water tanks as well.

3D printing

As supply chains and free trade become restricted and choked, 3D printing is going to be the way forward. Print your own parts and accessories. I think these skills will be in big demand over the next decade.

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