Exterminate the parasites

Exterminate the parasites

  • mdo  k3tan
  •   Bitcoin
  •   January 29, 2021

It seems as though it's a good idea to start moving away from centralised services.

The biggest and boldest idea is to stop using central bank issued money such as US dollars or Australian dollars. Opt out and use Bitcoin instead. Start converting any left over money you have into bitcoin. Better yet, start earning it. Ask to be paid in bitcoin for the work you do. Offer a discount to anyone willing to pay you in bitcoin.

Since coming on to the Bitcoin standard, I don't particularly have a stock or real estate portfolio. I don't need one. I own money that is finite in supply. That does and continues to do all the talking for me.


  1. No need to pick stock or hire a professional gambler to do it for me
  2. No need to have stocks held in custody with a trusted third party
  3. No need for a deposit to put down on properties
  4. No need to pay someone to look after my properties
  5. No need to deal with tenants
  6. No need to pay ongoing property taxes and maintenance costs
  7. No need to care about decisions made by central banks, financial institutions and banks.

Just to be clear, holding bitcoin defends you from parasites entering into your affairs.

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