Free & Open Source Software (FOSS)

Free & Open Source Software (FOSS)

  • mdo  k3tan
  •   FOSS
  •   April 22, 2021

Some of my favourite software is listed below.

Router: pfSense

Operating system: Pop!_OS

Mobile operating system: CalyxOS

Browser: ungoogled-chromium / Firefox

Browser extensions: Ublock Origin, Bitwarden, Privacy Redirect

Recording: OBS Studio

Video editing: Kdenlive

Photo editing: gThumb

Photo Storage: Photoview

Messaging browser: Ferdi

IRC: Weechat / Glowing Bear

Password manager: Vaultwarden

2FA Authenticator: Aegis

Social media: Pleroma

Blogging: Writefreely, Bluedit

Calendar, Contacts, Storage: Nextcloud

Sync to mobile: DAVx5

Collaborative docs: HedgeDoc

VPN routing: Zerotier

Privacy connectivity: Tor

Money: Bitcoin

Payment processor: BTCPayServer

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