Mobile phone app recommendations

Here are some apps that you may find useful.

Aegis Authenticator – used for 2 factor authentication AntennaPod – download your favourite podcasts Aurora Store – when you need an app from google play store Bitwarden – password manager Blue Wallet – bitcoin & lightning wallet Simple Calendar – good calendar widget DAVx5 – sync contacts and calendar with your nextcloud instance Forecastie – weather app Gboard – ability to swipe and type on keyboard (not open source, but the only good way to swipe and type. you can kill access to data transfer on the app so no information is sent. The open source equivalent is AnySoftKeyBoard but it's not great.) Keybase – secure chat OpenStreetMaps – GPS navigation Mullvad – VPN client ProtonMail – email client Samourai Wallet – privacy focused bitcoin wallet Signal – secure chat Telegram – group discussions Tusky – mastodon client WebApps – view facebook, twitter, tiktok and instagram via web